Lent Has Lingered

A short time ago, Lent was something I actually looked forward to.

A Catholic convert at the time, I saw the season a a perfect opportunity to deepen my faith and engage with the traditions I found so appealing. Feast days, fast days, the opportunity to wear ashes on my forehead… all of these things are incredibly appealing to the baby Catholic who is just beginning to tiptoe out into a storied cultural landscape. I didn’t understand more seasoned Catholics’ complaints, lighthearted and only half-serious as they were. I looked forward to each turn of the liturgical calendar, but none entranced me more than those two seasons of fasting: Advent and Lent.

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12 Months, 12 Habits

Although I know that timing is arbitrary: if you really want change, you’ll do it regardless of the date on the calendar; I’m going to allow myself, just this once, to get caught up in the rising tide of enthusiasm. We’ll see if my skepticism has been misplaced all these years. My cynicism surrounding New Year’s resolutions has gotten me precisely nowhere so far, so we shall see.

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