I'm Taking a Break.

I’m taking a break.

Over the past couple months, a lot of things have happened—new job, plethora of house projects, squeezing a quick road trip in, hurricane, tree falling on our car during said hurricane… and this isn’t an exhaustive list. 

All in all, we’ve been very fortunate… and the many happenings that have kept us busy have generally been good things (save that errant tree, of course.) However, I’ve definitely reached the point where I’m ready to cry uncle. And like most people, I don’t tend to do that very often. 

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12 Months, 12 Habits

Although I know that timing is arbitrary: if you really want change, you’ll do it regardless of the date on the calendar; I’m going to allow myself, just this once, to get caught up in the rising tide of enthusiasm. We’ll see if my skepticism has been misplaced all these years. My cynicism surrounding New Year’s resolutions has gotten me precisely nowhere so far, so we shall see.

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