I’m a photographer based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but my wanderings have taken me across the country and beyond. When I’m not renovating the 1920’s bungalow that my husband, our very high-maintenance cat, and I call home, I’m flipping through our well-worn road atlas and dreaming about our next adventure.

My love for nature, travel, and the people I meet along the way shines through in my work. I’m a documentarian by nature:  journalism, both written and visual, is my instinct. I’m always seeking out the truth of what I’ve been asked to capture, and more often than not:  what I uncover surprises both my clients and myself in equal measure.

When I’m not tending to my hundreds of tiny notebooks or parked in front of my computer editing pictures or pulling together the pieces of a story, you’ll find me hiking, running, or driving towards my next horizon.


With Joy


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